Explore, enjoy, and be free!

Explore, enjoy, and be free!

The concept with which Rosa Mundi set out is simple: “ROSA MUNDI Parfums d’ Auteur is the perfumery where we prioritize creativity and the joy of exploring niche perfumes from independent brands.”

…”the joy of exploring”… it means curiosity, openness, perhaps a little madness, it means touching (and surpassing) your limits, but above all, it means freedom.

Freedom to choose. 

Freedom to say “yes” to brands only when we are sure they meet the quality, sustainability, and creativity standards we seek. We are pleased to present “Bastille,” a perfumery from France that fits perfectly into Rosa Mundi’s perfumed puzzle.

Bastille – “Parfumeurs de Libertes”

A brand that finds inspiration in the past, in the fabulous tradition of freedom and French style, but adapts, innovates, creates for today’s beauty lovers, for whom originality, independence, total transparency regarding the production process and ingredients matter most, and above all, the freedom to be yourself, without conventions, without regrets, and without inhibitions.

Bastille’s perfumes are locally produced in France, and the entire production process is designed to be sustainable, natural, and have minimal impact on the planet.

The perfume that sets you free.

We invite you to explore Bastille’s creations and discover a new, original, and fascinating realm:

Paradis Nuit, a mysterious and sensual scent;

Hors-Piste, vibrant and full of energy;

Rayon Vert: bright and aromatic;

Pleine Lune: delicate, captivating

Demain Promis: velvety, delicate, and charming

Un deux trois soleil: warm, playful, and sunny

Bataille: burning, bold, and seductive