How to perfume your home?

How to perfume your home?

Nothing slips more easily through the drops of perfume than memories. Each molecule, each essence carries a memory: the light falling on the floor, the basket of fruits picked from grandma’s garden, the mother’s smile…

Perfume transforms us all, without exception, into Proust or Ionel Teodoreanu, and we long to be home again. Home fragrance must be chosen as we choose perfume for ourselves. It must convey, tell us the mood, paint a story olfactorily. Fortunately, we have at hand aromas to create whatever we want. A room can be playful, mysterious, warm, sexy, spiced like a journey to islands, lush like a tropical garden.

The diffusion method is also important. Room fragrance can be in the form of candles, which are perfect for creating an intimate, warm, and inviting atmosphere. For an evening for two enveloped in sensuality and mystery, we recommend “Une flanerie sous l’oratoire”, with frankincense, rosewood, and sandalwood.

The fragrance diffuser is very easy to use, providing a constant and subtle aroma for a long time. After a full day, you’ll want to come back home, where you’ll be greeted by the fresh fragrance of “Menthe fraiche”, with wild mint and basil. The indoor spray is ideal for quickly refreshing a room and is a perfect travel accessory, to truly feel at home anywhere. A few drops of “Une madeleine de Proust” or “Lavande” and we dream back to our childhood bed, falling asleep rocked by mother’s voice. Each of us has a different “Madeleine”. But undoubtedly we all have that scent that transports us in a second to the place where we feel safe and where our loved ones are.

If you want a special home fragrance, Rosa Mundi invites you to choose from delicate aromas, with organic essential oil from Rose et Marius, or contemporary and elegant fragrances from Gravel.

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