Sainte + Figue EDP

850 lei

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Eau de Parfum
100 ml

Perfumer: Francesca Dell’Oro


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Eau de Parfum

“For this new project I’ve chosen to delve deeper into the study of an iconic, fascinating component, a true symbol of mediterraneity, that can be expressed in a wide number of ways: we’re speaking of the fig, a sacred fruit. Worshiped, just as its tree is, both natural elements that have always been replete of meaning and functions for people.

What struck me the most is the double significance this precious fruit has acquired within our religious tradition: the biblical text mentions the fig tree itself by name, as an entity presiding over birth, but also able to bring to damnation. At the same time the fig, within our cultural history, is a pure hymn to life, to fecundity, to prosperity, and it closely links pleasure and sensuality; as a fruit possessing a strong erotic charge, it invites to carnality with its evocative sexual allusions, and it incites to vigor and passion.

It’s thus no surprise that, this time around, the FD’O snake would uncoil from the brand’s logo in order to curl, dark and multifarious tempter, around the branches of a tree carrying such an abundance of voluptuous meanings.”


Head Notes: Exquisite accords of Fig pulp, green notes of Fig leaf, balsamic and spiced Olibanum Oil
Heart Notes: Velvety and sensual Ambroxan, Cedarwood Virginian essential oil
Base Notes: Vanilla Bourbon Absolute, Cistus Labdanum Absolute, sumptuous and oriental Patchouli, amber woods


ONE MORE: fruity notes, amber and sensual, melding with the gourmand sweetness of vanilla and pomelo. An explosive combination.
WHITE PLUMAGE: The spiritual part is emphasized in order to turn the final sillage even more mystical.

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The unprecedented accord between frankincense and juicy fig creates a sensation both arcane and carnal, like an enigma to be solved. A secret kept in time for the reserved Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces.