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Modern, oriental sillage

Perfume Concentrate
100 ml

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Infused with precious Agarwood from Australia, Silky Woods is the first fragrance in a new luxury collection called the Botanical Series by Goldfield & Banks.

The perfume is a modern oriental sillage of suede, exotic vanilla and smoky tobacco leaves, with refined essences of saffron, incense, ylang ylang and native sandalwood.

Botanicals: Agarwood Tropical Australia Cinnamon Ceylon Tobacco Leaves Ylang Ylang Madagascar Vanilla Tahiti Sandalwood Australia Incense.

Silky Woods is a more subtle, luxe and modern interpretation of agarwood (also called oud). One that is delightful to wear on any occasion and which offers a sensation of a distinctive gourmand and musky fragrance on a silky smooth skin.

Olfactory description: Gourmand, Lush, Oriental, Sensual

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100 ml