Cologne à l’Italienne EDP

495 lei

Eau de parfum
100 ml

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Eau de parfum

Vibrant, powerful & crisp

This olfactory journey then brought us to Italy and the delicious evocation of former summer destinations.

Cologne à l’Italienne was devised to be vibrant and sunny.

The fresh breath of a subtle accord, a new delight for the perfumer to create, a new challenge for talented hands.

Floral scents give way, benzoin and iris recede for citrus to flourish.

Cologne turns into a splash of sunlight, yet retains its unique, timeless core.

It soars, fresh and new, yet still remains as subtle.

A sheer splash of sunlight, Cologne à l’Italienne is an intense accord of :

Head: lemon, citron, bigarade orange, bergamot, and sweet lime
Heart: petitgrain, orange blossom, lavander, rosemary, verbana, and maté
Base: amber, iris and benzoin