Un matin à l’orangerie

150 lei

Natural liquid soap Hands & Body
315 ml

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Natural liquid soap Hands & Body 315ml

Find your favourite Eau de Parfum “Un matin à l’orangerie” infused into this liquid soap.Exceptional liquid soap for hands and body.Contains olive oilParaben free.”Haute Parfumerie” from Grasse.
“An idle stroll through Rose et Marius’s orange grove in the house. In the gentle light of the wintry morning sun in Provence.A surprising freshness fills the air as, from their old terracotta pots, delicate white flowers, yuzu shrubs and orange trees laden with colourful fruit release their scents in chorus.Intricately mingling the vivacious notes of citrus zests with the delicate perfume of the orange blossom.”

NOBLE MATERIALS:Sicilian & Calabre Bergamot, Brazilian Orange, Geranium from Egypt, Vetyver from Haiti, Comoros Ylang Ylang, Clementine, Mandarin, Vanilla Absolute from Madagascar, Tonka Bean from Brazil, Egyptian absolute of jasmine…
Head: Wild strawberry – Bergamot – Lemon of Italy – Pink berries of Brazil
Heart: Amber – Ylang Ylang des Comores – Blackcurrant – Egyptian jasmine absolute
Base: Tonka beans from Brazil – Madagascar vanilla – White musk – Oak moss