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Eau de Parfum
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Eau de parfum

Tobacco – Gourmand

A complex and unique blend in which tobacco dominates but in a sophisticated, gustative way. Opens with an harmonious fresh fruity milky complex supported by a tea-rum accord. It develops into a bouquet in which natural honey, tobacco and cocoa bloom together into a lingering harmony.

The full richness of the fragrance is ultimately revealed in a symphony of the sensual warm notes of amber and musk.

Top: Cocoa, Coffee, Milk, Rum, Bergamot
Heart: Tobacco, Tea, Hay, Honey
Base: Musk, Amber, Cedarwood, Vanilla

From the diary of the Maître Parfumeur:

“…Who I am, who I have been. The memory of senses is indelible. It today gifts me with the courage to create hence relive. I dare, and I find myself again. As a kid I loved cocoa, vanilla, honey. As a young man the first cups of coffee, feeling almost adult, craving growing up. As a man the pleasure of a great rum, the tea rite, a good Tuscan cigar. And here is cocoa blending with rum, milk with tobacco, honey with coffee, It’s a whirlwind which carries me away and makes me go through life. It’s all, alltogether. Why not? Today I can smile upon the magic balance creates…”.