Spray Cuir Tradition

215 lei

Home Spray
100 ml

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Floral fragrance

A tribute to the elegance and class of antique leather. Trunks, gloves, coats, and couches absorbed over time the ambient odors of flower bouquets and cigar smoke. A leather fragrance of rare sophistication elaborated from the original 1930s Cuir de Russie formula, combining styrax, vetiver, patchouli, and birch.
Intricate & Elegant. I sit in one of these snug, leather couches in which ladies before me enjoyed each other’s company in tranquil anticipation of their beauty care. I picture the lush cloakroom where gloves and fur and leather coats await their owners, where soft notes of leather mingle with the floral scents of decorative bouquets. The leather of couches and gloves, a tribute to the traditional olfactory family of high French perfumery.