Souleu Turquoise

760 lei

Scented candle

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Precious, refillable candle tumbler.

The pattern decorating this precious reusable tumbler is inspired by designs of the traditional cement tiles that were used to pave the floors of old Provencal manor houses.

Luxury presentation box containing:

-1 precious tumbler in fine Limoges porcelain (height 9.5cm). Genuine platinum trimmings – Hand-made and decorated in France.
– 1 scented candle refill (perfume of your choice) produced by our master wax makers in Provence.Entirely hand-crafted in France.

Once the candle is finished, clean the tumbler in your dishwasher. Then refill it with one of Rose et Marius’s 19 exclusive candle or diffuser, high perfumery fragrances from Grasse.

*Platinum, precious metal used in jewel-making.