Ambre Tradition

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Scented candle

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Scented candle

Warm & Sensual

This appealing scent of amber — the warmest and most sensual of turn-of-the-century olfactory families — draws its finesse from its high-quality ingredients.

Powdery amber notes from the novel union of ambergris, Madagascar vanilla, and Somali incense.

Ivory Coast bergamot and Sicily lemon add a fresh touch to the thrill sparked at the first breath.

Then a signature note of floral elegance — Egyptian jasmine and Bulgarian rose — infuses the room with a delicious aroma, a timeless moment.

I proceed into the beauty care rooms, an intimate space where only clients and beauticians were admitted.

Instantly a scent strikes me as familiar: remnants of the Cologne à la russe.

A delightful amber vestige soaring out of rice powders and brushes and puffs, embroidered tissues, and other beauty accessories.

The amber of the care rooms, a tribute to the traditional olfactory family of high French perfumery.

‘‘Recreate the scents of a place and you revive’’
Frédéric Burtin, Founder