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Cookies Policy

1. Website Owner

INOMEA SRL (hereinafter referred to as the “Website Owner”) is the owner/administrator of the website www.rosamundiperfumery.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). By accessing the Website, you will find information about the products sold by INOMEA that you can purchase by making online orders. Website

Owner’s name: INOMEA SRL

Address of the registered office: Intrarea Medic Col. Stoenescu nr. 5, Sector 5, cod 050457, Bucharest, Romania

Sole registration number (CUI): 36474684

Registered with the Trade Register under number: J40/11491/2016

Telephone: 0738660355

E-mail: office@rosamundi.ro

2. Subject matter

2.1. The Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) is applicable to all Website Users, who will be informed by a Pop-Out message that they accept the Policy by navigating the Website. Additional information may be obtained by using the “FIND OUT MORE” button.

2.2. By navigating the Website, the Users agree to the Cookies being used, in accordance with their browser settings. The Website Owner encourages the Users to read the Policy, to collect information on the purpose of Cookies and on the possibility to change the Cookie settings in the search engine and, to the extent that the Users do not understand or require clarifications regarding the information in the Website Owner’s Policy, to contact a specialized advisor.

3. Cookie Policy

3.1. The term «Cookie» is known as browser cookie or HTTP cookie and is a small file, consisting of letters and figures, to be stored on the User’s computer, mobile device or other equipment that he/she accesses the Internet from. The Cookie is installed via the request issued by a web-server to a browser and is generally used to sign-up to the client account, to see the Shopping Basket, and also to see the behavior of the Website Users.

3.2. Cookies will not request any personal data from the Users in order to use them, and they are not aimed at personally identifying the internet Users, but merely to facilitate certain functionalities for the User, the data being encrypted so as to prevent unauthorized access thereto.

3.3. By its Cookie Policy, the Website Owner is generally concerned for the security of personal data and recommends Users to be cautious when carrying out operations online, considering the importance of protecting one’s identity and personal data and emphasizes that the Website Owner does not control all risks associated to the use and operation of the Internet.

3.4. Cookie files are used to enable the recognition of the User’s device that accesses the Website and the presentation of the website content in accordance with the User’s preferences (e.g. language site, currency).

3.5. The Cookies do not consist of code parts, cannot be duplicated or replicated in order to run again and are not deemed viruses. Nevertheless, they can be used as a form of Spyware.

3.6. The Cookies allow the Website Owner to offer Users services that are comfortable for them, such as for instance the advertising relevant for the Users, the shopping basket, etc. Moreover, these are useful for the Website Owner and also for anonymous analyses and statistics regarding Users’ behavior and their needs.

3.7. For instance, by using Cookies, the Website Owner could obtain information regarding the Users’ preferences depending on the products and services accessed by them, in order to create offers adjusted to the interests thereof by remembering passwords, by limiting the recurrence of advertisements or by selecting relevant ones, regarding what websites are accessed by the Users and how they come to navigate that website etc.

3.8. The Cookies used by the Website Owner are issued with the purpose of: making certain analyses, statistics regarding the concerned Website content, the headings and flows that Users click, in order to improve the Website Owner’s services; displaying the website and customizing it depending in the User’s device; securing the User’s navigation on the Website; storing the data supplied by filling in the Website forms (shopping basket or newsletter subscription, etc.); ensuring the User’s access to the account and to the Shopping Basket based on User names, passwords and other data for which the User granted us access beforehand.

3.9. If an unauthorized person interferes in the process of data transfer, the information contained by the Cookies may be intercepted by them. Such situations may arise, for instance, in case of connections via non-encrypted, unsecure networks.

3.10. The Website Owner may use certain software applications from third parties on the Website or in the Website Owner’s applications, that allow the Website content to be shared with other Users or information regarding the User’s visit or opinion regarding the content of the Website/applications be sent – e.g. the “Share” and “Like” Facebook buttons. The Website Owner has no control over the processes used by such social networks in order to compile information about the Users’ visits on the Website or any personal data related thereto and that the social networks may have. The Website Owner recommends Users to also read the confidentiality and data security policies implemented by such social networks beforehand.

3.11. The issuance and use of the Cookies by third parties is protected under the confidentiality and data security policies used by them.

3.12. As regards how Cookies operate, the Users have the option to configure their Internet navigation program so as to allow the storage of the Cookies on the device, to automatically reject them or to reject those of certain Cookie issuers. In addition, the configuration settings may be implemented so that Users are asked whether they wish to accept or not accept the Cookies before the Cookies are saved on their device.

3.13. The User of a device may express his/her will in respect of whether Cookies are allowed on that device and such User may amend his/her choice subsequently. Insofar as Users opt for storing the Cookies used on the Website, such will be stored by their issuers and will only be read by the latter.

3.14. If Users opt for deactivating Cookies through their browser settings and refuse to accept Cookies, generally or particularly from a certain website, or for eliminating those stored on their device most times, a series of functionalities necessary to navigate the Website could be inaccessible. For instance, if the User does not accept Cookies, he/she will not be able to leave comments. If Users opt for deactivating the Cookies or refuse them, in whole or in part, the Website Owner will not be held liable for the improper operation of the services on the Website. If Users opt for deactivating and refusing the Cookies, it could be impossible to access or to use the Website. Online advertising will stay active even if Users opted for deactivating and refusing the Cookies, yet the Users’ preferences and behavior can no longer be checked.

3.15. The Cookies and the Cookie-related settings are administrated differently, depending on the navigation program. Modern browsers allow Users to change the settings regarding Cookies, which are usually located in the Options section or in the Preference menu of the browser.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1. Website Users accept that all elements of the Website, all content information and materials thereof, the trademarks used by the Website Owner, as well as any other messages, images, videos, code structure, buttons, graphic and design elements, selection and use criteria of the Website are protected by intellectual property rights in favor of the Website Owner. Using the Website does not imply that the Website Owner grants the User any intellectual property rights over the Website or any content thereof. Therefore, the Users shall not reproduce, convert, modify, disassemble, distribute, lease, rent or make available, by any form of public communication, any of the elements indicated under point 4.1., shall not allow public access to any of these elements, shall not exploit, in any way, either directly or indirectly, the materials, elements and information obtained through the Website, unless expressly authorized by the Website Owner.

4.2. The User is entitled to inform the National Authority for Consumer Protection or the National Communication Management and Regulatory Authority in connection with any act that in his/her opinion affects its protected rights.

4.3. Any possible dispute between the User and the Website Owner will be first settled amicably and insofar such a settlement is not possible, the litigation will be settled by the competent courts in Romania. Moreover, these provisions do not leave out the possibility for other competent institutions to intervene.

4.4. Any notifications, complaints, or suggestions in connection with the Cookies, the use thereof on the Website, as well as in connection with other matters that the Website Owner could be held liable for must be sent to office@rosamundi.ro.

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